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Course DVDs

The Mastering CNC Machining Centers program is divided into 5 courses. Each course includes between 4 to 6 lessons with an instructional video for each, for a total of 24 lessons.


To receive a sample of this course, please fill out the Free Samples Request form and one will be sent out to you. You may also view the samples taken from the online version of this course.

You may also view samples taken from the instruction of this course by clicking on one of the following lessons. To reduce bandwidth requirements, the following samples are reduced in size and quality.

Lesson Format:

On average, a lesson is 25 minutes in length. It is divided into parts based on the topics covered. A topic would cover information or a task that must be mastered by the student. For example, the mounting of a fixture. For a topic such as this, since there are very few differences between machines, the instruction shows the procedure on a typical CNC machining center.

However, for a topic such as the entering of tool length data, procedures vary between control types. In this case, the lesson begins by explaining what offsets are and when, and why, they must be entered in the CNC control. The lesson then shows the actual entry procedure on a model of CNC control that most closely matches the majority of controls. If there are significant differences in the procedures on other models of control, they are then shown. Where appropriate, any variation between G&M code and conversational programming methods are also explained.

Task-Oriented Instruction:

For years people have attempted to use the operator manual provided by the machine manufacturer during their learning experience. However, these manuals typically explain what the machine does, not what the person must do or when to do it. With your MasterTask course, your students will learn the skills they need as they progress in a logical sequence through the job tasks required of operators, machinists and set up programmers. For example, how many times have you seen manuals that explained all of the buttons and switches on the control panel without explaining when they are to be used?

Real-World Examples:

The videos are of broadcast quality and use professional narration. Most scenes were recorded in manufacturing shops and show actual production environments and work pieces. Computer animations and graphics are used to explain some concepts, such as the coordinate grid.

To order a sample for this course, go to the Free Samples Request section. The DVD you receive will include segments taken from a number of lessons throughout the course. The sample CD-ROM that accompanies the instructional sample includes the questions that correspond to the lesson segments provided.