Free Manual


Student Guide manual contains Work Sheets for each module in the course. It can be printed directly from the web pages by the Instructor or trainee. The Student Guide is normally printed by the Instructor by selecting the "Guides and Tools" tab on the Instructor page. The Work Sheets displayed will cover all the modules in the course, so printing of the manual should be done at the beginning of the course. Notice that the "Instructor" button below can be selected to print out the Instructor version of the manual that has the answers to all the Work Sheet questions, or the instructor can simply view the questions and answers from this web page.

Guides and Tools

Custom Work Sheets:

The Work Sheets will only contain questions relating to the subject matter the instructor chooses for the trainee. If the instructor modifies the tests or changes the modules that are presented to the Class to which this trainee is assigned, this trainee's Work Sheet will reflect those changes when printed. - Work Sheet Example (PDF)


Cross Referenced:

When playing the instruction, a scrollable list of the scene numbers appears on the right side of the frame as shown below. When assisting a trainee with a problem question, the instructor clicks on the frame number to jump to that portion of the instruction. This feature also allows the trainee to quickly review portions of the instruction when answering the Work Sheet questions.

Scene Select